A banana a day keep the doctor away

It’s not just an apple that can keep you away from the doctor, a banana a day can also keep the doctor away! It is one of the fruits you can find it easily across the globe. Have it in your breakfast or carry it in your lunch box, you will enjoy it. Here are some of the benefits of banana.

Health benefits of banana

Benefits of Banana


It is the most important component present in banana. Potassium is good for heart functioning and keeps your blood pressure under control. Potassium is good for bone and kidney health.


Banana is high in fiber content. Fiber can be soluble and insoluble form. Fiber content can help you in managing your weight. Improves your metabolism.


1 banana every day will increase your immunity and energy. If you are on intense workout session then having this fruit is a must. Instead of energy drinks try including banana in your diet.

Good for anaemics

If you are suffering from anaemia then banana is good for you. Anaemia is a medical condition with low hemoglobin or RBCs (Red blood cells)

Prevent ulcers

Banana can prevent and cure stomach ulcers. Include the this fruit in your diet and keep your ulcers under control!

Good for skin

It can help you out with skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Apply banana on the affected area and massage it gently. Rinse it off after 10mins. Banana peel can also cure warts.

Banana is surely powerhouse of nutrients. Enjoy every bite of it and keep yourself energized all day long!

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