iOS 11.3 update is here with best features

The biggest update is here iOS 11.3. It is an important update which offers many exciting features! This new update will change the way your iPhone, iPad or iPod works on a fundamental level. The release includes stability and improving bug fixes.

iOS 11.3 update is here with best features


This update is for iPhone 5s or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod 6th generation or later.

How to install it

If you are an iPhone user then you might get a prompt message regarding iOS 11.3 update. If you didn’t get the prompt message then go to settings > General > Software update


  • iOS 11.3 is a big update because of its nasty features. The recent update will give users full control of the functionality.
  • ARKit 1.5 has been introduced for more effective features.
  • Enhanced apple news with ‘For You’ section
  • Advanced Mobile Location (AML) – Automatically share your location while making an emergency call.
  • Business chat – Integrate customer support directly to the messaging application.
  • New format and a new look to the app store
  • More animojis (for iPhone X users) means more fun!

Final Take

The update size differs with every release. But if you haven’t updated since iOS 11.2 then it might take a lot of time to download and install the update. If you don’t have any battery issue than wait for 11.3.1 update. iOS 11.3.1 will be released soon with additional features.

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