Why can’t I loose weight ?

Weight gain is always stressful. And it’s more stressful when the weighing scale doesn’t budge! You might end up messing up your health. In the worst case, you might end up starving yourself!
Before jumping to any conclusion, let us decode the reason. If you are thinking why can’t you lose weight then check this out!

Are you skipping your breakfast?

Healthy breakfast to loose weight

Breakfast is the most important meal and skipping it might cause you a great trouble. A healthy start will keep you healthy and fresh all day long! Try including proteins like milk, egg, fruits, boiled grams for your breakfast.

Are you stressed?

stress can cause weight gain

Stress is one of the ways in which your body responds to environmental situations. Stress can ruin your health. Stress can increase your fats level, increase your weight.

Metabolism can be the reason for weight gain

A slow metabolism can be the cause of your weight gain. Metabolism is nothing but a chemical process that includes digestion. How your calories are burned is depended on your metabolism. Your genes are responsible for your slow metabolic rate.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Improper sleep can cause weight gain

Sound sleep is must for a healthy life. Your mind needs rest too! A good sleep will improve your metabolism. When you are tired you tend to make wrong eating choices.

Your gender might be the reason

The male and female body responds differently to weight loss process. It is easier for men to lose weight as compared to women. It is easy for men to lose belly fats on other the hand, it is difficult for women to lose belly fats. So, losing weight requires different methods.

Your age

Your age can the reason for your weight gain. As you grow, your metabolism rate goes down.

For a fit body, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Keep a note on your calorie intakes and overall health. Consult a doctor and follow the right routine!

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